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    We are closed due to COVID situation, this website works for information purpose only! More

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    A diver`s guide to Valencia`s scuba diving sites, diving centers and best snorkeling places to explore and catch some sun. More

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    I`m always looking to make new friends who share this passion for diving, so if you are in Valencia feel free to use contact page. More

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    View some of our diving pictures taken above and below the water around Valencia Community. More

 Current dive conditions in Valencia

Always check local weather conditions before you dive and make sure the water and weather conditions are safe.

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Scuba Diving OK

Scuba Diving Valencia

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Scuba divers about us:

  • This was a great experience and it has definitely left me wanting to learn more. The dive was beautiful and you gave me a lot of confidence. Will be coming back soon!

    Daniel B.
  • It was really great to dive with you guys. I had an awesome time and would not have been able to imagine a better group to dive with. I would definitely like to dive again!

    Lee Anderson
  • We really enjoyed diving with you and Lee, is pretty sure that this was not our last trip to Valencia. Thank you for the great dive and awesome days. We wish you all the best.

    Andrei & Monica