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El Moraig

El Moraig

Poble Nou de Benitatxell, a large cave for experienced tech divers.

El Moraig


El Moraig

A few kilometers away from Javea there is a small village named Benitatxell. From here we follow the signs for “Cumbres del Sol“. After enjoying the fantastic view from the top of the mountain it is time for us to drive down to this beautiful beach.

Here are two dive routes:

One only for HIGH EXPERIENCED TECHNICAL CAVE DIVERS and a second one for recreational diving with a depth of about 12 meters. We will choose the second one.

From the bottom of the road near the beach we will see on our right an interesting cave where the sea enters. This is our starting point for the dive.

Here we can equip our-self and with fins in our hands we can go carefully inside the cave following the stairs.
We jump into the water and we descent about five meters until we see a corridor towards the open sea. We pass trough this long corridor until we find ourselves in the open sea, from here we head towards 
N-E, ensuring the wall will be to our left.


El Moraig Map
El Moraig Map

The bottom during this dive is sandy and sprinkled with sea grass and small rocks that could hide Moray eelsOctopusSea BreamCuttlefish and sometimes Sting Rays. At some point we will turn back and will keep the wall on our right until we reach the underwater entrance cave. To finish the dive we will pass intro the cave and we will guide our-self by following the natural light that comes from our dive entrance point.


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