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Elephant Cave

Port of Altea
Port of Altea

Altea at the foot of Serra Gelada

Elephant Cave Details

Elephant Cave

Departing from the port of Altea heading south, shortly after passing the lighthouse of Albir, the coastline wall draws a curious shape similar with the head of an elephant under which there is a submerged cave with the same name. We will continue a little further and we start the dive in front of the entrance of another cave, called the Little Dwarf.

This is not an overly deep dive, with a maximum depth of 14 meters and an average of about eight meters. It runs in a particularly exciting circuit through the beautiful caves and chimneys that act as windows to the stunning blue waters that continuously amaze us.

When we descend, we immediately search for the wall and at eight meters depth we will find the entrance of the Dwarf Cave, an interesting cave with a short inner journey.

After entering we can go up to the surface where there is an air bubble. We descend again just a few meters in order to see an illuminated tunnel with an exit through a window like opening just above of the entrance.


Elephant Cave Map
Elephant Cave Map

Once in the open sea, the route consists of leaving the wall on the left that is heavily encrusted in yellow Anemones. This wall curves to the left, but if we follow the rocks more or less parallel to it, heading of about 60 degrees, we will get to some huge stacked stones that we can check closely to observe for marine life.

Then heading 330 ° from the wall after going over these huge rocks we ascend briefly to just three meters and then descend again to ten meters and we enter the Elephant Cave, which penetrates the interior of the mountain and allows us to reach the surface where there is an air bubble. Finally, we will go down and reach the open sea. We will go back to the starting point by keeping the wall to our right.


Although it is not a difficult dive, we recommend to do it with the help of a dive center or a local expert as you must take into account the potential problems that may arise.


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