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La Llosa


Benidorm and the most iconic and photographed island.


La Llosa Details

La Llosa

La Llosa is a sunken mountain with the top at about seven meters depth and is located at few hundred meters from the Benidorm Island.

Its eastern side has a pronounced downfall with a depth of 30 meters, while at the west side, the depth increases more gradual and is shaped more like a hillside.

The dimensions of the Llosa and its many interesting features allow multiple diving sessions. There are up to three anchoring buoys ready to tie up boats.

Here, we describe how to tackle the one located on the northern side that has a depth of around 8 metres.

If we keep heading northeast we will encounter a dramatic drop-off that will take us down to 29 metres. The visibility here is normally superb and therefore this depth is not a problem.


La Llosa Map
La Llosa Map

Here begins a chain of big rocks that cause shadows and are home to a significant amount of marine life such as Gilt-Head Breamslarge Octopus and Moray eels. This dive follows the southern end of La Llosa, which we will find on our right hand side, and mainly consists of visiting the colossal rocks present.

For the return, we approach the La Llosa wall where we will find enormous scratches, we can take them as a reference in order to continue ascending whilst enjoying the interest aspects of this dive, this time in the form of many colorful Nudibranchs, until we return to the starting point.


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