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La Granadella

Cala Granadella
Cala Granadella

Javea with her crystal clear waters.

La Granadella details

This dive is very interesting and suitable for divers of all levels and can be done directly from the beach without the need of a boat.

La Granadella


The view from La Granadella is fantastic. Turquoise water is surrounded by majestic cliffs and rocky mountain faces … one of my favorite diving and snorkeling places around Javea.

We enter the water and swim towards the left wall until we are close and at a depth of around 2-3 meters.

From here we start our dive, keeping the wall to our left at all times. I have dived this area many times, including night dives and every time I have encountered different marine life.

There is a good chance that you will see Sting Rays and Cuttlefish at this spot. Do not ignore the cracks in the rocks as we sometimes see Moray Eels or Octopus.

On this dive we will find three of four caves in the wall on our left that are interesting to explore with the use of a torch. At the end of one of the caves there is a small opening within the mountain where it is possible to surface.


Javea Cala Granadella Map
Javea Cala Granadella Map

The maximum depth on this dive is around 9 meters and in my opinion it is very good for beginners or for refreshing your diving skills. After the third cave it is time for us to return and we will keep the wall on our right, until we arrive at the beach area from where we started the dive.

I usually do this dive in about 60 minutes but sometimes it can take longer than this due to the amount of things to see. This does depend on visibility or the marine life that is present during the dive.


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